Spring Systems

Springs are an essential part of any garage door system.

Springs are what raise and lower a garage door.

Since the springs hold the weight of the door open, it is critical they operate smoothly or else they could cause injury or damage to personal property.

This is precisely you should have your garage door springs tightened regularly.

An experienced garage door technician from our Company can assist you with spring replacement and repair.

It requires skill and knowledge to work with the spring system of a garage door.

All technicians should understand how to pick springs based on the size, weight, and use of the door or else the failure could be catastrophic.

This is why it is always prudent to work with an expert who can assess the specific needs.

Our team has successfully serviced garage door springs and other issues all throughout the region for over 10 years.

Our Service Team has been repairing and replacing garage door springs for garage doors all across the area.

Our products stand out for their longevity, superior design, and safety.

There are two basic types of spring systems a customer can chose depending on their budget and garage door needs.

A thorough analysis allows technicians to better identify other signs of wear and tear, such as rust, ominous broken springs or other signs of deterioration.

Why Do Garage Doors Have Torsion Springs?

The advantage of using modern torsion springs is that they are safer and more reliable than extension springs.

The strength of this system comes from a tightly wound spring that sits over a shaft, with cables strung through drums at both ends.

As the door is opened the spring unwinds and all of the potential energy is transferred to the cables.

This is the activity which lifts the door.

Even if the spring breaks, the cables will hold the door in the open position.

Most garage doors rely on the use of torsion springs.

The number of springs required depends on the garage door.

For instance a heavy-duty garage door may require multiple springs but a single-car garage may have a door that only requires one or two springs.

At our Company, our service team can assess how many springs you need and install them.

What Are Extension Springs?

Extension springs rely on the science of expansion and contraction.

As a result, they are able to withstand heavy loads.

The spring itself has a default expanded position while the door is closed and contracts when the door is being opened.

When the door is closed the spring is expanded and when the door is open the spring contracts.

These extension springs are used with enormous tension and should be handled by experienced users.

Should a damaged or worn spring snap it can release the stored potential energy and cause damage or injury.

Extension springs are reasonably priced, but they will require more attention with wear and tear to ensure your garage door functions properly.

When you choose our Company for your spring-related issues, you will always receive comprehensive solutions with an affordable price-tag.